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Physician Focused Affiliate Program

Earn up to $200 for every referral!

Thank you for being a fan of Physician Focused. We value genuine recommendations and are honored you are interested in referring Physician Focused personal assistants to your friends and colleagues.  

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Curious how your affiliate program is doing? We can tell you your top traffic sources and what to improve.


Creative Assets

Need help creating posts to promote Physician Focused? We have a file of graphics and copy for you to use.




Yes. We help you with that too! We can co-design graphics for you to use to promote within your groups or area of influence.



How much do I get paid?
Our affiliates get paid $50-$200 for every referral! For Personal Assistant Memberships you receive a $50 payout, for Pro Memberships you receive $100, and for Premium Memberships for receive $200.


When and how do I get paid?
All payments are made through PayPal to the email address listed on your affiliate signup. You get paid on the 1st of every month after your earnings are closed. Earnings are closed after a brief open period of 90 days.


How much will I make?
It's unlimited - we never cap your commission potential. For each referral you can make up to $200. Feel free to refer as many doctors as you want!


What does it cost to participate?
Not a dime! We don't charge any fee to participate.


Are there any minimums?
There are no minimums. You don't have to meet a sign up quota, but if you stay consistent you can receive bonus payouts.


What is the bonus payout?
You're in luck! If you refer 15 members in one month, you'll receive a $1,000 bonus payout on top of your earned commission.


How does it work?
Start by filling out our affiliate form here. Then, you'll get an email from our marketing team. If you're approved, we'll send you a custom affiliate link and 25% off for your referrals.


How do I track how I am doing?
We send program analytics and progress at the end of each month during payouts or upon request.


What if my community is growing?
Congrats! We have opportunities for payout bonuses!


Who can participate?
Our affiliate program typically attracts community leaders, influencers, hospitals, practice owners, speakers, and bloggers. You don't have to be a doctor or a current member.


I have a different question!
Contact erin@physicianfocused.com with your question.