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Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing Team | Omaha, Ne

Physician Focused is a growing startup based in Omaha, Nebraska. We help physicians do what they love by providing virtual personal assistant services for everything else. We’re looking for a team member to:

  • Develop and run email campaigns through Hubspot 
  • Build and A/B test landing pages on Hubspot 
  • Help in other areas of marketing like social and content development

As the Digital Marketing Manager you will fill a vital role creating email content, lightly coding landing pages through Hubspot, and jumping in to help with social, content, and other marketing efforts. Bonus points if you have experience in the medical field.

Here's what we're looking for

You’re a great fit for this position if you…

  • Love every part of the lead generation funnel
  • Want to join a growing team and product and help drive lead generation and conversion
  • Are adept at using technology and love to figure out new tools and systems to improve efficiency
  • Have the ability to use strong judgment without clear direction in the best interest of the company

Our idea of a perfect candidate is someone who…

  • Has been working in marketing for a few years, and has experience in several specialties like email, social, landing pages, and content development.
  • Knows the ins and outs of Hubspot
  • Can handle ambiguity, and work collaboratively with internal teams
  • Isn’t a front end developer, but has some knowledge around coding languages, and is learning more on a regular basis
  • Knows their way around some adobe products to create baseline designs based on a brand guide

This role will be responsible for…

  • Writing email copy with the best of them to improve open and click through rates
  • Working with Hubspot to create and test landing pages and manipulating code where needed
  • Tracking analytics on emails and website usage
  • Some work on the content and social team, at a minimum working collaboratively with these teams to produce cohesive marketing communications
  • Being a team player and stepping up where needed to handle things outside of this role

This role has a huge potential to leave a mark on the early stages of growth for our company. If you relish the idea of joining a team to help improve, optimize, creating new marketing initiatives we’d love to hear from you!

What else?

We work hard at Physician Focused, and as a young startup have no problem crossing over into other teams and jumping into ambiguous situations. In addition, the rest of the team often helps out with requested personal assistant tasks to gain a deeper understanding of our service, the products needed to support it, the marketing to get it out there in the world, and to build empathy with our customers.

To apply, send an email here: hello@physicianfocused.com. Put “Digital Marketing Manager” in the subject line, include your resume and a short video on why you think you’d be great for the position.


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