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Do what makes you happy.

Get a personal assistant to handle your to-do list. Then, do what you want.

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How it works


Sign up for Personal Assistant.


Request a personal task(s) by text, chat box, phone call, or e-mail.


Our Personal Assistants respond as soon as possible confirming your request.


We diligently complete and fulfill your request, double checking to make sure we get it right.


The completion of the request is confirmed by your Personal Assistant.



Request tasks and get your time back.

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Have a question? Text or call us at (402) 858-2209.

Why the busiest physicians choose Physician Focused

Imagine how great it would feel to get done with work and not have anything on your to-do list, feeling relaxed because you know everything is taken care of for you.


Exclusively For Physicians

Doctors spend their time saving lives, we spend ours simplifying yours.

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Reliable, Quick Communication

We are easy to get ahold of and always reply within 1 business day.

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No Commitment and Risk Free

You can cancel anytime. We’ll refund your 1st month if you don’t love it.

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Have questions? Chat with an expert or text a personal assistant. (402) 858-2209

How We Have Helped Other Physicians

Personal Assistant Features

However you spend your time after work, Physician Focused Personal Assistants allow you to spend more of your free-time doing what you love. The following features are designed to make this process easy for you.



We’ll book your hotel rooms, make dinner reservations, or register for conferences.



We’ll schedule dentist appointments, hair cuts, childcare, meetings and more.



We’ll purchase gifts, art, flights, groceries and more.

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We track the hours it took to complete your requests and will send monthly reports.

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Easy Requesting

You can request a task by text, call, email or online chat.

Pick a Plan and Take Control of Your Time

Try it for a month. You can cancel anytime. We’ll refund your 1st month if you don’t love it.

Personal Assistant Premium
20 hours of tasks/mo
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Personal Assistant Pro
12 hours of tasks/mo
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Personal Assistant
6 hours of tasks/mo
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